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Jess Bernberg

lighting // theatre making // sustainability


my work

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 I don't shy away from big gesture - be that colour, intensity, angle... If the production needs to say something, the lighting will very much be a part of that.

Socially engaged

 The theatre I choose to make is important and forward facing. The environment is my primary focus, as well as the multitude of other social issues facing our society today.


 I believe every performance work deserves a lighting journey that helps it breathe toward an audience.


"magnificent lighting design, rich in colour but just on the right side of garish"

The Stage on The Borrowers at the Tobacco Factory Theatres

"original and mesmerising"

A spy in the Stalls on A New and Better You at the Yard

"magnificent use of light"

A Younger Theatre on FCUK's at the Bunker

"with knowing comes caring comes change"

Manuel Bustelo

Abstract Glass
Anti Racism and Allyship in Stage Lighting Design

RADA 2020

Pink Sugar

Stage Sight works to promote an off stage workforce that is more reflective of our society today, inclusive of ethnicity, class and disability