Blue Smoke

Sustainability is at the core of my life, and therefore my work. In theatre, as storytellers, we can act on the causes and impacts of climate change ​and share this with our audiences.

Green Rider

On every show I ask the venue to, at a minimum:


  • Ensure the building is on a 100% renewable energy tariff to power the lighting rig;

  • Include a Green Card design meeting and have Sustainability on the agenda for each production meeting;

  • Use PowerTrack to work out the  total power consumption of each show;

  • Be engaged in open conversation about the sustainability of the production. Particularly having read the Theatre Green Book.

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Outside Theatre

I work with The Conservation Volunteers in my spare time.

I have previously worked with: Sunset Farm, Colorado; Red Hill Farm, California; and Osa Conservation, Costa Rica as a volunteer.

I am vegan.

I am building a vegetable garden to grow my own and compost my food waste.

I buy second hand.

I do not have a car, I love to cycle and ride trains.

Ask me about any of this!